Wear a Mask, Vote and Set Us Free

Many people still refuse to wear a mask in public during the pandemic. Without others’ respect for public health and CDC guidelines, senior citizens, including my wife and I, feel like hostages to the deadly virus. The scourge has already altered our free society and robust economy beyond recognition.

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Peter says: Wear a mask

Support Public Health

America in 1960 had the best public health in the world. Now we suffer with a plague that kills our people, reduces us to victims and makes the poorest, oldest and weakest into beggars. We are in danger of becoming a third-world country. Besides, my wife and I want to visit our grandchildren and live to attend their weddings.

Vote for sensible leaders

There is one remedy for this dire situation. We still have the power to vote and choose our leaders. However, if we do not exercise this privilege wisely we will soon lose it. We must vote on or before November 3 to select leaders for local, state and federal offices up and down the ballot who will do the following:

  • Collaborate with each other and members of society to enforce public health: wear a mask, maintain social distance and test rapidly for new Covid 19 virus infections, so they can be treated and isolated.
  • Propose specific programs with detailed plans for widespread health insurance coverage, infrastructure building, clean energy and environmental protection.
  • Reform law enforcement by adding funds for racial sensitivity training, gun-control, community outreach and salaries.
  • Provide extended unemployment insurance, emergency relief and a moratorium on evictions.

If we vote for sensible leaders who will enact these smart policies, we can protect our way of life, and end the staggering death toll from this affliction. Moreover, we’ll begin to build back our society as a fairer, more efficient and more responsible actor in the rapidly changing world.

Use your right to vote or lose it

If we use our vote to support advocates of sensible policies, America can survive and prevail. If we do not, our children and future generations of Americans will lose the freedoms we and our ancestors have fought and died for. Thus the beacon of liberty on our shores may be extinguished forever. It is so simple: wear a mask. Remember, none of this can happen unless we support public health and suppress this pandemic. Then vote for sensible leaders and set you and your fellow Americans free.

After you vote, relax and read a humorous biography or an architectural mystery to be found at my Bookshop page.

Until next time, good words to you,

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