Fatal Designs: A Patrick MacKenna Mystery


“In this action-packed sequel to Crimes of Design, architect and sometime-detective Patrick MacKenna not only has to worry about the seedier elements trying to take over the city but his rebellious daughter. . . Erin wrestles with her feelings for her first lover as she she takes the initial steps toward independence among drug-dealing strangers who exploit women and kill those who stand in their way.” –T. W. Fendley,  Author of Zero Time

“Peter Green’s new mystery, Fatal Designs, is not just a ‘good read,’ but an important one, in my professional opinion. It brings up a critical topic, human trafficking, that is far more common than most people realize. It also reveals the dynamic evolution of a father/daughter relationship. Thank you, Peter, for showing the reader what that looks like! I recommend that parents buy this book for their teenagers as a way of starting conversations about these two vital topics.” —Anne Redelfs, MD – retired psychiatrist, Author of The Awakening Storm


Patrick's Mackenna's daughter kidnapped by human traffickers
Fatal Designs, cover image

When Erin MacKenna’s high school float trip is disrupted by an earthquake, separating her group from the main party, she and her younger protege stumble upon two men burying a body in the woods. Having seen too much, his daughter is kidnapped by human traffickers, drug dealers and racketeers. Her father, architect Patrick MacKenna, must neglect his earthquake-stricken clients and devise a plan to rescue her from her own willfulness and her predatory captors.


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