Chicago’s Designs: A Patrick MacKenna Mystery


Patrick MacKenna wins a coveted design job for a new client—a mob boss who’s also his girlfriend’s father, while police think a murder case he has stumbled upon is a mob hit. Meanwhile he falls helplessly for Kitty, a talented waitress his father has brought over from Ireland to work in the family’s Irish pub. Can he let down his client’s daughter, help the law solve the case and survive to finish his project—a young architect’s dream?

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Isn’t organized crime, “the mob,” a thing of the past? Not so, according to Brian Bardsley, Jr., Chicago Police SWAT Team leader and medical response specialist. It has merely gone respectable, although not legit.  Over a half-century ago, after the FBI, the Kefauver Commission and RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, dismantled the existing crime syndicate, many of its operators carried on, acquiring legitimate businesses, conducting illegal rackets all the while, underground and out of the public eye.

Patrick has it made, or so he thinks. . .   READ MORE

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