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I’m delighted to inform to my readers of the new Fringe Magazine, an online “glossy” publication, which brings high quality visual images, thoughtful commentary, selected writings and artist interviews to her team’s growing audience. Created by Sarah Jane “S. J” Robinson, talented writer of Orwellian science fiction, such as her novel, a utopian, or dystopian, vision of the future, depending on how you look at it. Alpha is the Beginning, the first volume of the Project Code X Trilogy. Like many ground-breaking artists who create something new, she arrived at her point of view though an appreciation of other artists and art that have gone before. From her vantage point in Tipperary, Ireland, she seeks to bring us the best in new painting, stories, film, poetry, dance and commentary. Here’s how she introduces their second Issue:

Fringe Mgazine creator, S. J. Robinson
Author, Editor S. J. Robinson

Hi friends, both near and far away, and welcome   to   our   second    edition   of ‘Fringe’  –  a  bright,  colourful  quarterly magazine, designed to inspire creativity and promote the arts. With thanks for a little help from  a  business  marketing strategist, we can go one step further on this  by  saying  that  our  new,  clearly defined mission  is  to  help  children, adults and ‘adult children’ (of which I am undoubtedly  one!) rediscover  the  inner ‘Child Artist’ that resides within all of us and awaken joy through creative expression, whether this is through art, music, writing, performing, graphic design, fashion design or some other artistic endeavour… from artisan soap to handmade bread – whatever your creative passion is, please bring it to the table and share it with us!

Since I met Sarah online, I’ve gotten to know her, have read and reviewed her first book and consulted her on Irish folkways and language. This coaching has helped me frame my mother’s accounts of her quirky, funny and at times terrifying Irish family in their appropriate Irish setting. Her help has assisted me in faithfully narrating parts of a new novel by my late Irish mother and me, Radio: One Woman’s Family in War and Pieces. In the process of our wide ranging correspondence, something we wrote must have tickled her fancy, because she has now featured an excerpt of this story in the current issue  of Fringe, on Page 25.  I’m very proud and honored to be part of this sparkling collection of talented contributors. You will no doubt be be amused at my mother’s take on war—remodeling projects and men in general. One reader called it “laugh-aloud funny.” But do not fail to read the entire edition.  I commend you to its other articles, which should provide insights, entertainment and thoughtful critiques of artists’ work in the park on the beach or in the yard this summer.

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