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Brad R. Cook’s gift for adventure and his skill for making history fun draw us into a tale of man against the elements, The Remarkable Journey of the First Road Trip Across America. This cross-country adventure is a true chapter from American history, the first-ever 1903 transcontinental automobile trip. Meticulously researched after the author saw the original Winton vehicle at the Smithsonian Museum of American History, this tale puts us right in the car alongside two pioneers to share their wild, bold cross-country trip..

The author casts it as a race among two adventurers and other automotive company-sponsored rivals. The pair are also plagued by ill-willed competitors who go out of their way to add to the problems. In addition to storms, floods, hail and bitter cold, they were met with mechanical problems at every turn. The author makes us feel mechanic Sewall K. Crocker’s discouragement over flat tires, fuel shortage and breakdown of just about every system on this early automobile. Yet we see Dr. Nelson Jackson, a born dreamer, crowd pleaser and risk taker, keep their hopes and his vision of their success alive.

Cook not only brings these actual historical characters back to life. He also recreates the original environmental habitat of the American West. We breathe the fresh air, wonder at the big sky and marvel at the abundance of America’s wildlife (including pestiferous forms). He evokes the Journals of Lewis and Clark, which describe the magnificent, endless prairie and its profusion of buffalo, elk, birds and other living creatures.

Moreover, this title invites comparison with Leland Stanford’s driving of the golden spike at Promontory Point, Utah Territory in 1869 to complete the first transcontinental railroad and Charles A. Lindbergh’s historic flight in 1927 for the first Atlantic crossing by air.

This fictionalized account of a true story is highly recommended for students, general readers and school, university and public libraries as a truthful and enjoyable record of the American pioneer spirit. Brad R. Cook has made our history fun to read.

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