Honor your own military heroes on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day our thoughts turn to our own military heroes, past and present, who have helped defend our country and our way of life. The what-ifs, if we had not resisted and prevailed—a world under fascism? —are chilling. Wherever your father, grandfather, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters or spouses served in the military, they are always with us in spirit, and this is a special day to honor them. Even if they were in support or another non-combat position, they’re heroes. As John Milton said, “They also serve who only stand and wait.” When their country needed them, they answered the call.

My dad enlisted in World War II at the age of 35, even though he already had two kids, , to fight Hitler and the Japanese aggressor in the Pacific. Rather than wait for the draft, he enlisted, in order to exert some control over his assignment. He figured this way he could contribute where he could really help. But along with thousands of younger men, he was sent  in early 1945 to the Marianas island of Guam, to train for invasions to liberate Pacific islands captured by Japan.

Despite the military, Ben used his broadcasting talents to run an Armed Forces Radio Station and report vital war news
Despite the military’s plan for hims, Ben used his broadcasting talents to run an Armed Forces Radio Station and scoop news of the Japanese surrender
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Dad found himself halfway around the globe from his family, while Mom was left at home run the household, raise two children and pay the bills, without the other half of her team. Since he and my mother were both writers, they chronicled the predicaments they had gotten themselves into with patriotism, bravery and humor. Far from losing touch, in almost daily letters they wrote to each other. They discussed the trivia of each day as if they were sitting across the room from each other over their nightly cocktails.  

Despite the military’s inability to use his many skills to help win the war, he kept talking. He convinced his superiors he needed to apply his broadcasting talent and experience to the Guam Armed Forces Radio station, where he could increase troop morale and report on news of the war. In fact, his ten minutes of fame occurred on August 14, 1945, when he scooped the world on news of the Japanese surrender.

This year, honor your military loved ones than by letting them know you understand and appreciate the selflessness, the sacrifice and the bravery they’ve shown in protecting the rest of us. Whether as solders or guardians of the home front, you no doubt . What better way can you to do this than to give them my two humorous, heartwarming wartime biographies, and a a first-hand look at the the ways people dealt with moral duty, separation, and sacrifice. Tom Brokaw called them Greatest Generation regard them all as military heroes They should be recognized, and even the younger folks will appreciate learning about those heroic times. Get copies of my biographical memoir, Ben’s War with the U. S. Marines to better understand the men’s side of the war, and Radio: One Woman’s Family in War and Pieces, to appreciate women’s role in supporting the troops and fighting off the enemy.

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Till next time, good words to you!

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