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10 Basic Skills Every Writer Should Know

Welcome to A Writer’s Journey, my new multimedia  writer’s guide, publishing industry and self-publishing overview for writers, independent “indie” publishers, self-publishers, interested readers and anyone else who loves books or wants an audience for their writing. From my own experience in a dozen years of writing and a lifetime of reading, I ‘ve learned a thing or two. Most recently, I discovered the publishing industry, like our own starry cosmos, is expanding at light warp speed toward an immense extent and population.

My goal is to provide a free introduction to this world, based on my own journey, that of my fellow writers, collaborators and other experts who have something to contribute to this complex story. Here’s an  outline of what I plan to cover in the months to come, amounting to a free guide to getting started in your writing career. You can click on and read more for any heading that turns red when you hover on it with the mouse. If you want to contribute an article on any of these topics, please let me know.

Pub 0.0 Writing–Been there, still there or just hoping?

 As I learned about both publishing and the uses of cyberspace, I made a lot of wrong turns, detours and false starts. In an effort to spare you that bumbling approach, I’m sharing what I learned on this site–an overview of the writing a publishing field. Happy reading and writing!

Pub 1.0 Mastering the Writing Craft

Having something to say and expressing it well is the entry ticket to the writer’s world.  To merit publication by someone else, it must be said clearly, correctly and expertly and often artfully.  Here are some ideas to get you started

Pub 1.1 Tips on writing mystery and suspense

I asked award-winning mystery and suspense writer John Lutz his advice on writing mystery and suspense. Here’s what he had to say

Pub 1.2 Mainstream your memoir: A reason to care

Pub 1.3 Don’t like the weather? Change it.

Pub 1.4 Universal concerns in your story

Pub 2.0 Find Your Niche and Market Position

What genre, that is, kind of writing, do you want to do? Whether it’s a fiction genre or one of the many nonfiction categories, each requires its own approach. But for all of them, you  have to identify your audience and your own approach, that is, your author platform.

Pub 2.1  Claim your author platform

Pub 2.2 The right genre can boost your story

Pub 3.0: Role of the peer network: Literary societies, online groups

About the best thing I did for my writing career was to join local writing groups. Each literary society, in its own way taught me about the large and growing publishing industry,

Pub 3.1 Fellow writers: allies in a lonely quest

The motto of St. Louis Writers Guild is true for most writers’ groups: You have friends here!

Pub 3.2 Beta Test Your Manuscript – What Every Writer Needs to Know Before Publishing

Your beta readers will help you weed out any plot holes, confusing scenes, awkward dialog, and lengthy narratives that slow your story… Feedback is how best-sellers are born. 

Pub 4.0  Getting published: Traditional or self publishing?

The universe of  publishing is expanding rapidly. As publishers were besieged by ever more hopeful authors, the literary agent came upon the scene to screen, select and help authors prepare their manuscripts for submission to the big publishers. The spectrum of publishing includes those big houses,  good small presses, predatory vanity presses, and most recently, quality self-publishing. We’ll share some insights and expert advice on safe navigation of this complex world.

Pub 5.0 Promotion: Hooray, you’ve got a book! [Now what?]

When as a new writer you receive a copy your first published book, like your first child, it is a joy to behold. It also signals a change in your life and an important milestone in your writing career. Most important, it’s a challenge to move on with the next phase of the work. But what should the next steps be?

Pub 5.1 Getting Noticed: Discoverability and SEO

Pub 6.0: Publicity: Traditional, with the big bucks, or new age, on the internet

Pub 7.0: Social networking: the new wave

Pub 8.0  Marketing: media types: Print, e-books, Kindle, audiobooks

Pub 9.0:  Sales and distribution channels: exclusive vs. the Omnium Gatherum approach

Pub 10.0 Results of my own Writer’s Journey: Books

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