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Author Peter Green

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Designing man: an architect who writes?

My purpose here is twofold: First, I’ll update you, in my Designing Man Blog, with industry news, my own evolving views, and reviews of the best books I’ve come across. In A Writer’s Journey, section,I’ll continue to evolve a free online resource on  the writing craft, the changing world of publishing and the new world of promotion in the internet age. As an architect who writes,  I’ll keep you informed about local literary events and writing groups, and offer full information about my books and short stories, both biography and mystery, on my monthly Designing Man newsletter and Pete’s Bookshop, an online store, with its frequent bonus offerings, discounts and bargains.

Please join me in my own writer’s journey. To make sure you don’t miss a single post or issue of Designing Man News, or new installment of A Writer’s Journey, please sign up in the sidebar or on my about-contact page.

Welcome, and good words to you!

Becoming an Architect: My Voyage of Discovery

“How did you decide on becoming an architect?”  a colleague asked me not so long ago, Back then, I hadn’t given my rocky path to the profession much thought. “It was a voyage of discovery,” I would have to reply today.  I learned that discovering its scope and then restoring …

Grandpa’s advice: “Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!”

“Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!”  Grandpa’s advice appeared in a mid-1930s Chicago Herald-Examiner series, If I were twenty-one… Since many will seek new careers as America recovers from the pandemic, this is advice any young man or woman should follow today. A self-made man My grandfather, Frank …

Military families: WW II vets and women at home

Military families come to mind this Veterans’ Day this year. Not not only our own military heroes, past and present, but also their families, especially the women, help defend our home front and our way of life. My friend E. Tracy Beckette, Brigadier General, USA  (Ret.), has hosted and produced …

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