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Peter Green
An Architect who Writes

An architect who writes–what’s up with that?

In the Designing Man blog, beginning below, I’ll update you with publishing news, commentary and reviews of the best books I’ve come across. In A Writer’s Journey, I’ll continue to evolve a free online resource on  the writing craft, the changing world of publishing and the new world of promotion in the internet age. As an architect who writes,  I’ll keep you informed about local literary events and writing groups, and offer full information about my books and short stories, fiction, biography and mystery, on my monthly Designing Man newsletter and Bookshop , with buy links to online and traditional stores.

That’s what you can expect from this architect who writes. Please join me in my own writer’s journey. To make sure you don’t miss a single post,  issue of Writer Insider News, or new installment of A Writer’s Journey, please sign up in the JOIN US box below or on my about-contact page.

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Author Peter Green

Author Peter Green

Mystery, Biography, History
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Tichenor daughter honors ragtime dad

A food preparation mishap almost derailed a return appearance of Virginia Tichenor, daughter of the late Trebor Jay Tichenor, and her husband Marty Eggers, both professional ragtime and jazz musicians, in a St. Louis concert Monday, May 1st. This Ragtime Rendezvous concert was held in the recently renovated upstairs event …

James Burrows Reveals TV Sitcom Secrets

In his 2022 memoir, Directed by James Burrows, this famous and prolific television director recalls highlights of his productive and highly successful career in directing and sometimes co-creating situation comedies, which included Taxi, Cheers, Frazier, Friends, Mike and Molly, Will and Grace, and more. The son of Abe Burrows, a prominent …

A Writer’s Journey: What’s Involved?

In the new year, I plan to call A Writer’s Journey, already a section of this website, to the attention of readers and book lovers in my wider audience. This introduction to the publishing industry, self publishing and marketing of our work will enable even non-writers to get a view …

History’s Personal Costs

When she illustrates history’s personal costs, Barbara Kingsolver, in her 2007 historical novel The Lacuna, makes history come. alive. She tackles Mexico’s culture from the sixteenth century Aztecs’ battles with Montezuma to the exile of L. D. Trotsky in Mexico during the 1930s and beyond, into twentieth century North American …

Your plea deal for freedom: the social contract

Why a Plea Deal for Freedom? You’ve already got a plea deal for freedom as a citizen. It’s called the social contract. “Hey!” you say, “What did I do wrong to need a plea deal?” Simple fact: without a government, you were out for yourself alone in what they call “the …

Strong characters, classic plot by a French master

Good fiction, as well as a good motion picture, depends upon strong characters. The poignant story of a foundling eventually adopted by a miller’s wife, François le Champi , 1852 (literally François the Foundling), by the versatile and prolific author and one-time mistress of Chopin, George Sand, exhibits deep and …

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