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Author Peter Green

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This redesigned website is devoted to the literary, auditory and visual arts. I’ll continue my dozen years of book reviews, literary events and industry comments,  and I’ll reprise my favorites. I’m launching a blog, amounting to a free online course, on the changing world of publishing, the writing craft and the new world of promotion in the internet age, in a blog called Your Writer’s Journey. I’ll keep you informed about local literary events and writing groups. And I offer full information about my books, short stories and links to my monthly Designing Man newsletter.  There will e plenty of bonus offerings, discounts and free stuff, so please join me in my own writer’s journey. To make sure you don’t miss a single post or issue of Designing Man News, please sign up in the sidebar.

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New e-zine Fringe explores the arts

I’m delighted to inform to my readers of the new Fringe Magazine, an online “glossy” publication, which brings high quality visual images, thoughtful commentary, selected writings and artist interviews to her team’s growing audience. Created by Sarah Jane “S. J” Robinson, talented writer of Orwellian science fiction, such as her …

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